We provide a wide variety of orthotic care.  Some orthoses are custom made while others
are off-the-shelf.  On-site labs enable us to fabricate devices in a timely manner.  Some of
the devices we provide are listed below.
Lower Extremity - Foot and Ankle Orthoses
Upper Extremity Orthoses
Spinal Orthoses
Atlantic Prosthetics & Orthotics- Orthotics
Custom Ankle Foot
Charcot Relief Boot
Conformer Boot for Ulcer
Air Cast Boot
Arizona AFO
Toe Off AFO
DH2 Shoe for Ulcer Relief
Custom Shoes
Extra Depth Shoes
Foot Orthotics
Knee & Hip Orthoses
Knee Sleeve
Custom Fitted Knee Brace
Plastic Knee Ankle Foot
Metal Knee Ankle Foot
Scoliosis Orthoses
Miami J Cervical Collar
Foam Soft Collar
JTO Thoracic Extension
Clamshell TLSO
Lumbar Sacral Orthosis
Jewett Back Brace
Charleston Bending Brace
Hard Shell Boston Brace
Soft Boston Brace
Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis
Hip Abduction Brace
Pavlik Harness
HALO Brace
Minerva Brace
Aspen TLSO
Arm Sling
Cuff & Collar
Humeral Fracture Brace
Wrist Splint
Thumb Spica Splint
Resting Hand Splint
Elbow Range of Motion
Clavicle Splint
Protective Helmet