Initial Evaluation:
We provide care by prescription only. We work closely
with the healthcare providers at UNC, but we also
gladly accept prescriptions from outside providers.
Once you have a prescription, we will set up an initial
evaluation appointment.  You may be measured and/or
casted for your device at this appointment.
Turn Around:
Some orthoses must be custom fabricated and others
may be ordered.  All prosthetic sockets are custom
fabricated.  We make every effort to get your device
ready for fitting as quickly as possible.  We try hard to
accommodate any special timing needs.
Diagnostic Fitting:
Prosthetic sockets and some orthoses require
diagnostic fitting appointments. At this appointment
we will fit you with a clear plastic model of your
final device.  This way we are able to make
adjustments before final fabrication to ensure an
optimal outcome.  Diagnostic devices are used for
evaluation only; you will not get to take this device
Definitive Fitting:
Once fabrication is complete, you will be scheduled for a fitting appointment.  Be sure to
bring a pair of sturdy shoes, such as athletic shoes, with you to this appointment.
Follow Up:
Follow up will be scheduled after your fitting, and we will be happy to see you as
needed between follow up appointments for adjustments.  You should return for follow
up if you notice any lasting redness or signs of skin irritation.  Prosthetic covering, if
desired, is done at a follow up appointment.
Atlantic Prosthetics & Orthotics- What to Expect